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The birth of the child is important in married life and gives completeness to your marriage in earlier society and even now. However, she was cursed for not giving an heir to the family, if a woman was not able to conceive immediately after marriage. However, there are some astrological remedies to break your child problems. Guruji is the best Children Problem Solution astrologer to give the right solution for childbirth. As per Vedic astrology, there is a specific house in a horoscope to represent get. It helps in finding Dosha or any discomforts in the couple kundali.

Husband Wife Solution

It means there are certain planetary combinations associates with the childbirth and there is a need to analyse the husband and wife’s horoscope before to give conclusion for your childbirth. Children Problem Solution Astrologer gives the right Vedic astrology answers. According to Vedic astrology, fifth house indicates the childbirth and relationship of husband and wife with the children. By default, fifth house denotes the result of both the distinctions and the sins of the parents and finds inabilities or Putra Dosha.

A child always brings happiness in the family. However, it is not possible that every married couple will bless the child soon. Previously we can find many children in single family, now there are some couples who do not have a single child. Many problems arise with the passage of time if a couple does not conceive a child. Astrology is the best solution to this problem because it is all planetary displacements that do such issues. However, that problem will surely be solved, if we bring them to the right position. However, consult Guruji Astrology to get a Children Problem Solution, if you have spent a lot of money on your medical treatments.

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